In a constantly changing industry, be unshakeable

Building profitable and sustainable
cannabis dispensaries

In a constantly changing industry, be unshakeable

Practical accounting guidance for passionate cannabis businesses

You started your dispensary because you
truly care about how cannabis can help people.

But you’re in a tangled web of federal, state and local laws –
and things are always changing.

You want the same stability as any other business:
good financial processes and control over your cash.

You’re making a lot of money, but you’re losing a lot to tax
The fear of an audit is always on your shoulders
Holding large amounts of cash comes with its challenges and insecurities
You’re trusting staff to handle vendor payments without good processes in place
You want to price better so you can manage the ups and downs

Track your cash. Set goals. Pay yourself a fair wage.

Holding large amounts of cash comes with its challenges and insecurities. Beyond the risk factors, there may also be missed opportunities for growth. Learn how to track your cash, set short and long term goals and actually pay yourself a fair wage.

Your work means
something to us

Our Founder is on the board with Chicago NORML, a national organization dedicated to normalizing the conversation around cannabis, and removing the stigma associated with cannabis culture.

We’ve spent time with folks lobbying and helping to spread educational information about the reform of marijuana laws. The war on drugs has played a big role in our lives and communities, and we feel this is important work to do.

Get on the sidewalk to success.

In a highly regulated industry, you need a guide to walk with you
every step of the way.

We take our first steps to achieving your goals by fixing the source of how it all works: the bookkeeping and accounting.
We can’t move forward until we know where you are now. We do an evaluation on your finances.
We’ll run a vision-setting session getting clear where you want to go. We look at personal and business goals and ask what impact you want to have with your business.
Now we start figuring out how to get there. We’ll provide a technical plan for achieving your vision, helping you create or improve the right processes within the business.
We’ll action the items on the plan and meet regularly to keep you on track. When we’re on this journey together, we’re holding each other accountable.

“Cannot say enough positive things.”

“Fabulous accounting services along with financial consulting advice. My business has improved so much since working with Kenny. I cannot say enough positive things about the service I am getting.”
-Amanda Ferazzi

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