You’re in it for more than just the money

And you deserve to keep
more of what you earn

You started a small cannabis business with big vision, big passion and big goals.

Now it’s growing, you need the know-how to make it work for everyone – your clients, your team, yourself.

Equibis has a similar origin story. We started as a small accounting firm with a heart for change. We wanted to provide our underserved community with the access they deserve to resources, knowledge and funding.

You have the same desire to impact the community in a positive way and leave a mark, but you need a financial plan to make it sustainable.

Why we’re in this

The businesses we get behind share these fundamental values:

Passion: It’s the only way we operate. From our clients to our community, we bring the same drive and enthusiasm wherever we go, whatever we’re doing.
Service: We wouldn’t be here without the support of others. We want to give the same back to our clients.
Integrity: People sometimes do bad things just to survive. We don’t operate that way. Business or not, we stand firm on the ethics we were raised with.
Innovation: It’s a mindset. If you aren’t open to change at some point you’ll fall behind. Being open to new ways to do things has always been the way we get things done.

About you


Owner of a small cannabis business


In one or more states, with multiple locations


Less than 100 employees


Annual revenue of $30 million or less

About us

At Equibis our work is more than work. We have a personal attachment to our mission of empowering small businesses. I come from a rough neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, where a lot of businesses aren’t able to grow successfully. I want to make a change in my community and similar communities around the country because I believe small business empowers.

I’ve seen first hand the effect the war on drugs has played in our lives and neighborhoods, which is why Chicago NORML is an initiative close to my heart. Equibis exists to help create equity in the cannabis space and positively change the perception around the legalization of marijuana.

At work I couple the passion I have for business with my analytical acumen to improve the businesses within these communities (and the lives of the owners who run them). Outside of work I’m most proud to be raising a family. As an only child to a single parent, it’s a complete 180 for me, but I love it.

Must haves: Sports, Family, Prayer, Self-Reflection, Hip Hop Music

No more fear of surprises in your business

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