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How Our Pricing Works

Our pricing is fixed. The price you receive in the final proposal is your guaranteed price. After our initial Discovery Call down to the final proposal, we learn what you need and then offer a set price based on our pricing system. Unless circumstances change, the price in the final proposal is the final price for the length of the contract (typically one year). We price on a similar schedule as you pay your team and personnel. We are not simply another vendor or service provider, we are an extension of your finance team. If there isn’t a set payroll schedule, we price weekly.

We offer special pricing for businesses in underserved communities. Call our Chicago, IL accounting firm now at Equibis to learn more or request your free consultation through our website.

Things We Do NOT Do

  • Provide tax work as a service by itself
  • Provide bookkeeping as a service by itself
  • Perform audits
  • Charge fees higher than the value we provide
  • Veer off from our systems and approaches, we've proving what we do works.

Small businesses in underserved communities receive reduced pricing points.

Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Starting at $450/month

Starting at $900/month

Starting at $1,300/month

Initial assessment and setup

Goal analysis

Financial dashboard

Benchmark metrics for your business

Business summary webpage

Summary management reporting

1-year sales forecast

Clean, accurate bookkeeping (monthly)

Management reporting package (Frequency depends on package)

Business review and planning meeting (Frequency depends on package)

Financial systems health check

The Lean Plan

Measuring the things that really matter

1-year full financial forecaset

Full periodic management reporting

Access to cloud-based reporting platform

Dedicated account manager

3-year financial plan

Rolling cash flow and profit forecasts

Financial scenarios based on need

Prioritized strategic action plan

Accountability program - your business coach

Unlimited email and telephone support

Annual Taxes (Business & Personal)




Sales Tax




Payroll Management




Bill Pay (using




Expense Management (using Expensify)