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How It Works: 5-Step Advisor Roadmap

Small businesses who seek our advisory and accounting services gain our full financial knowledge as your team of CFO and accountants. We provide the traditional accounting services we help balance their books, make corrections, and perform necessary auditing so owners can fully manage their cash flow and investments. Yet this is only one step when providing financial advisor consultation.

Here at our Chicago accounting firm, we have instituted a 5-Step Business Advisor Roadmap so our clients fully understand what work will be provided. This roadmap helps ensure that our services more align to your specific business operations as well as current and future goals.

5-Step Advisor Roadmap

1) Foundation

We begin with developing a solid foundation in your financial processes to ensure we are using accurate information to make the best decisions. Using QuickBooks Online, we perform the necessary cleanup and process improvements for the way information enters your accounting records. To get there, we rely heavily on a host of different technologies to automate many of our processes. This step gives a business owner more freedom so you can focus your productive time toward other areas of your business and your customers, and it also helps us ensure that clean records are being maintained.

2) Deep Dive

As we work to correct and maintain accurate financial records, the next step is for our firm to fully understand you and your business. We take a deep dive into how you operate and assess your financial health.

3) Vision

We all have different visions on what business success looks like. These visions usually correlate to what we personally want to do with our lives. When it comes to your financial vision, our accounting team becomes an integral part of your finance team. With this collaboration, we work together to set realistic and appropriate business goals that align to your personal and life goals. Then we create a financial roadmap on how to successfully reach this business vision.

4) Process/Workflow

Once a new client is onboarded, we move on to offering strategic financial planning each month. This is the true value that we provide, it is the epitome of what we do. We are able to implement strategic advisory by using our systematic approach to having accurate accounting records and performing deep analysis. The following are components of our strategic planning:

  • Monthly management and strategic reports
  • Goalsetting and tracking
  • Cash flow forecasting reports
  • Tax planning and strategies
  • Monthly financial reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement)
  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Monthly financial performance review meeting

5) Accountability

After our finance team helps you develop accurate accounting records and sets up your vision, we will continually analyze your financials to track business progress. Then we provide expert guidance on what action items that you are responsible for, which are determined after each monthly meeting, so that your company hits each short-term goal milestone.

Going Down the Path Toward Financial Success

You have a business vision. Make sure your company's finances can make this vision a reality. Contact our firm for more information regarding our services and our 5-Step Advisor Roadmap.

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